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Welcome to the Trofana Tyrol nursery and crèche
Kindergarten Trofana Tyrol
We are a private nursery, crèche and educational institution and operate in accordance with the Tyrol early education and childcare act (Kinderbildungs- und Kinderbetreuungsgesetz).
Our crèche can look after up to 10 children between the ages of 1.5 and 3; 20 children aged between 3 and 6 can attend our nursery. We are open all day throughout the year and provide lunch for the children, offering working mothers in particular the chance to reconcile family and working life.
Kinderkrippe Trofana Tyrol
A nursery assistant and four trained educational specialists are there to guide and support your child at every step as he or she discovers a whole new world.
Through fun and games, we give the children the change to gain valuable experience for the future. We follow the "Bildungs-Rahmen-Plan für elementare Bildungseinrichtungen" in Austria, the national educational framework for Austrian pre-school institutions, and are committed to quality. If you are interested, why not bring your child along to see us and get a flavour of what we do and what we offer.
Simply contact me for further information or to arrange an appointment.

Elisa Neururer
Area management nursery
Tel: +43.664.60683550
E-Mail: kindergarten@trofanatyrol.at
Our opening hours:
MO - FR from 07.00 till 18.00 o'clock
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