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The seminar and workshop rooms at Trofana Tyrol meet international standards and have hosted many successful events over the years. One great benefit of the venue is its central location - on the Alpine divide between northern, southern, eastern and western peaks.
Others are the peace and quiet, the comfortable rooms and the available parking, not to mention the excellent range of refreshments. The extensive self-service area and the original à la carte restaurants are particularly popular.
Denkstube A - "Clemens August Andreae"
Denkstube A seminar room is 30.75 m² and has a capacity of up to 20. It is named after the university professor Clemens August Andreae.
The man of letters was principal of the University of Innsbruck from 1981 to 1983. Prof. Andreae personified the eloquent academic, and many of his often provocative ideas have now become reality.
Denkstube B - "Eduard Wallnöfer"
Denkstube B seminar room is 27.50 m² and has a capacity of up to 20. This seminar room is named after the legendary "Landeshauptmann" (head of the regional government) Eduard Wallnöfer.
He was a father figure for the state of Tyrol, popular far beyond the region's borders and famous for his hearty and down-to-earth manner. Eduard Wallnöfer was a fixture of Austrian politics for years.
Denkstube C - "Hans Marberger"
Denkstube C seminar room is 40 m² and has a capacity of up to 35. This room is named after Prof. Dr. Hans Marberger.
He was for many years the head of the urology clinic in Innsbruck and was an internationally renowned specialist. He was instrumental in building up the global reputation of the clinic and of the University of Innsbruck.
Mathias Schmid Gallery
The "Turmgalerie" is 24.60 m² and has a capacity of up to 10. This room is named after Mathias Schmid.
Historian and painter, artist and illustrator, Mathias Schmid was born in See im Paznaun (1835-1923). Art took him to Munich, where he attended the art academy. One of the works of Mathias Schmid shows the departure of Tyrol's Schwabenkinder, literally "Swabian children", who were sent off to work each summer as seasonal workers.
Ideenwerkstatt seminar room is 64,00 m² and has a capacity of up to 60.
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